About SalesBeastTM

what is SalesBeast.com

It's an online library of research-based 5- to 7-minute videos that give insights into the psychology of sales, influence, persuasion and negotiation. SalesBeast.com is subscription-based. Joining gives you 24/7/365 access to the entire library.

definition: SalesBeast

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A person committed to mastering the art and science of influencing others. Hungry to learn. Driven to get ahead through persistence, focus, and predatory intelligence. SalesBeasts dominate Sales departments and C-suites. Also found in any role where understanding the psychology of influence and persuasion leads to success, advancement and the deep personal satisfaction of using your skills and abilities to the max.

who's it for?

You, if you're in a position where improving your interpersonal communication skills - specifically, the ability to influence and persuade others - could win you more customers, get you promoted, or otherwise make you more successful.


But not all salespeople. If you're not a life-long learner, if you think you already know it all, or if you think good is good enough, it's not for you. SalesBeast.com is for salespeople who know that the only way to sustain excellence in Sales is through continuous improvement. SalesBeasts know that if they're not getting better, they're getting worse. And that the more they learn, the more they earn. Be a beast.

Non-Sales Sellers

Everybody sells. Business owners. C-level executives. Consultants. Professionals. Nonprofit executives. Politicians. Job seekers. And more. You don't call yourself a "salesperson," but your success hangs on how effectively you influence others. SalesBeast™ arms you with the latest academic and institutional research on the psychology of persuasion, negotiation and interpersonal communication. Be more influential. Be a beast.

our story

The Rapid Learning Institute is an industry leader in corporate training. We specialize in micro-learning - that is, single-focus learning concepts delivered in 5- to 7- minute videos. We're now unleashing this content to the masses via SalesBeast.com.

How did we get here? Our team of subject matter experts has nearly three decades of experience developing high-quality sales and leadership training materials. Initially we sold printed publications. But in the early 2000s we hopped on the tech-enabled training bus, recognizing that modern learners want learning solutions delivered online in the moment of need.

our team

Stephen Meyer
President & CEO
Michael Boyette
Editorial Director
Dave Clemens
Andrew Elia
VP of Information Technology
Rob Krekstein
VP of Marketing/Sales
Reno Robertson
IT Support
Paul McCarry
Email Magician
Diana Bernecker
Lindsay Roach
Product Manager
Chip Bruchez