Today’s elite sales professionals don’t rely on gut instinct and conventional wisdom. They gain an edge by seeking out proven research on the psychology of influence and persuasion. Armed with these tools, they sell smart. And they sell more. Join them. Start your trial now
Here’s how SalesBeast™ brings science to selling...

You’re getting ready to close your prospect. But you’re worried that she’ll freak out when you state your price.


Before the meeting, you take 4 minutes and 26 seconds to watch the SalesBeast video Negotiations: Should You Justify Your Price?


You learn that scientific research proves conventional wisdom wrong. Your intended approach to getting the price you want will backfire.


You apply the technique and your customer doesn’t freak out. She accepts your price with minimal pushback. Another SalesBeast™ success!

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What exactly will you get as a
SalesBeast™ member?


The power of science in a library of 5- to 7- minute videos

Get access to more than 75 time-saving videos that focus on a single research-based sales concept. New content is added every month so your library keeps growing.


Tools to test your sales knowledge

Each program in the library is accompanied by a quiz and summary sheet. You’ll be able to test your knowledge and use the summary sheet to quickly review the concepts when you need a refresher.


Learning paths to help you stay on track

With so many programs at your fingertips, knowing where to start and what programs are right for you can be a challenge. With learning paths you’ll be able to focus and stay on track with a program that fits your needs.


A dashboard to track your progress

Your dashboard will help you keep track of the progress you’re making. You’ll know exactly which areas you’ve mastered and pinpoint the areas where you may still need some help.


75+ videos covering 10 key topic areas

A SalesBeast™ masters every stage of the selling process

Each program delivers a single insight into the psychology of sales... in just a few minutes

Watch this 5-minute video and learn what to say (and not to say) to a prospect at the moment you state your price.
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noun \\’seylz- beest \\

: A person committed to mastering the art and science of influencing others. Hungry to learn. Driven to get ahead through persistence, focus, and predatory intelligence. SalesBeasts dominate Sales departments and C-suites. Also found in any role where understanding the psychology of influence and persuasion leads to success, advancement and the deep personal satisfaction of using your skills and abilities to the max.